LV - Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 3 (Re-Bid)

The Project consists of upgrading campus primary 13.2kV distribution system and 600V generator-back infrastructure to current code, replacing the existing low-voltage 600V switchboards/distribution boards/motor control centers/and branch panels at various buildings and cottages, and re-configuring the existing shared neutral of 120V wirings at Cottages to install AFCI circuit breakers per current code.
Date Company Contact Bid Categories
7/28/20 11:43 am
Magnum Power LLC PO Box 355
Castle Rock, WA 98611
Katie Goodman
PM Assistant
Tel: 360-967-2180
Fax: 360-967-2284
1. General Contractor
2. Sub Contractor
3. Supplier
4. Architect/Engineer
5. Consultant
6. Other
8/5/20 10:27 am
Wesco Distribution 2025 E Trent Ave
Spokane, WA 99202
Chase Hausman
Gear Quotations
Tel: 509 456 7501
3. Supplier