Real World Academy - Early Site Development

Site clearing; rough grading; topsoil and excess soil stockpiling; related erosion, sedimentation, and dust control; installation of underground water and sanitary sewerage service; modification and extension of existing irrigation systems; and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents. This Work will take place on a new site adjacent to existing facilities currently in use and occupied by the Owner as a high school, co-operative transportation operations and maintenance facility, and a technical skills center.
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01 - Title Page, Seals Page and Table of Contents 364.9 KB
02 - Division 0 - Bidding and Contract Requirements 11.5 MB
03 - Division 1 - General Requirements 3.4 MB
04 - Division 31 - Earthwork 282.1 KB
05 - Division 32 - Exterior Improvements 642.1 KB
06 - Division 33 - Utilities 125.9 KB